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All the Principals of Pvt Institutes are requested to apply for renewal for the academic Year 2015-16 on or before June 15th 2015.

The institutions who are interested to start all the One Year STVC Courses are requested to contact STVCC, Nampally, AP, Hyderabad

Cell Phone Technology (CPT) 3 Months STVC Course has been introduced. All the principals and Private managements who have EET and ET Vocational Courses may apply for the requisite permission from the Commissioner, Intermediate Education, AP.


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- State Institute of Vocational Education
About 85% of the educated unemployed in the live registers of employment exchanges are from the secondary and higher secondary level passed and failed youth. For a majority of the occupations, University degrees are not necessary and these jobs could be completely performed by trained higher secondary students. The greatest threat to the society by the rapid technological changes that have taken place during the recent years is the displacement of labour by the technology.

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Vocational Education

Designed to train the students for the development of skills needed to get employment.
No of Courses : 22
Freedom to choose the study center across the State of Andhra Pradesh to achieve goals.
No of Centers : 688
One of the great advantages of gaining Vocational Skills is the opportunities it will provide employment.
Un-limited Opportunities


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Cell Phone Technology
Cell Phone Technology (CPT) 3 Months STVC Course has been introduced.
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